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Wedding Venue Decoration

Wedding Venue Decoration plan is more flexible, or even make it yourself, save the big day, and save more for your big day.

Our Special Package for your Wedding Ceremony only HKD4,088

  • 8' x 16' Fabric and silk flower backdrop (2 colors) x 1pc
  • Receiption desk x 1pc
  • Table silk flower for receiption x1pc
  • Fabric and silk flower decoration for Cake table/ Ceremony table decoration x either one
  • Photo Easel decoration x 1pc
  • Max. 4'x 2' Tailor made Nameboard for backdrop x 1pc
  • Spotlight x 2pcs

Upgrade items:

+HKD300 - Silk ball/ Rattan ball (2 sets)

+HKD300 - Seating Plan/ Welcome Board

+HKD300- Table card/ Sign board

+HKD150- Paper flower (min. 10pcs)

+HKD500- Table Decoration

+HKD600 - Silk flower column (2pcs per set)

+HKD600 - A pair of 17mL Church aisle 

+HKD600 - Silk flower column (2pcs per set)

+HKD800 - Entrance Arch

+HKD1,600 - White carpet (8' x 20')


Church Package Only HKD2,8000

  • A pair of 17-meter aisle decoration with bouquets  x 1pc
  • 6'x2' Recepition Desk Decoration x 1pc
  • 6'x2' Album Desk Decoration x 1pc
  • Photo Easel decoration x 1pc
  • Tailor made welcome Cupcake (2 dozens) or Candy (3 lbs)

Upgrade items:

+HKD300 for 2 more dozes cupcake 







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